Can my device run EXR?

You can download and test EXR for free so you can test if your hardware is compatible!

Check if your rowing machine is supported HERE.


Download and install EXR on the device you wish to test. At the top of the login screen you will see the option to test EXR.

Press the ‘TEST MY HARDWARE’ button and follow the steps.

First we will test if you can connect your device to your ergometer. See the connection guide for more details on how to connect. Once you have connected your device, you can start rowing and your data should be displayed on screen. If this is the case you have successfully connected your rower to EXR and can continue to the next step.

Next up we will test if your device can run EXR with a graphics benchmark. Here we will run the game to see if your device is powerful enough. This will take a minute, and once the test is complete you will get a success message with some additional information. If you want to try again with a different quality setting, you can press the ‘RETRY’ button. Higher quality settings will make the game look better, but it will also be very intensive for low-end hardware.

Your test is successful  and you can rest assured that you will be able to row on EXR! Go over to your account page and apply for the beta to get started with your new rowing adventure!



Having trouble connecting your rower? Please check our support page here.



EXR is an intensive game and older hardware can struggle to run it. If your hardware is not strong enough the app will run extremely slow or close/crash.

There is no solid workaround for this problem at the moment. The EXR team tries to improve on performance with every new update. You can always try again at a later date or upgrade your hardware to be able to run the game instead.