Does EXR run on my hardware?

Here’s how to find out whether your rowing machine and device run EXR smoothly:


Is my device compatible?

EXR is currently supported on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You can download EXR to run a free test. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the EXR app and select Test my hardware on top of the screen.

  1. Connect your device to your rowing machine using the EXR connection guide for your model. Having trouble establishing a connection? Check out the troubleshooting page for helpful information.
  2. Once you are connected, start rowing. Your data should be displayed on the screen. So far so good? Then your connection is working perfectly and you can skip the last steps.

4. Let’s take a look at your graphics benchmark. This means that a test is run to analyze whether your device is powerful enough to run EXR. This test usually takes a minute and results in a success message with additional information.

No success message? Then it is likely that the graphics settings are too high for your device. In this case it is recommended to change the quality settings and try the test again by selecting Retry. Still unsuccessful? Take a look at the troubleshooting page to find a solution.

  1. Receiving a success message means that your device and rowing machine are suitable to run EXR smoothly! Now you can go over to your account page and set up your profile.


Is my rowing machine compatible with EXR?

Check the list of compatible rowing machines. If your rowing machine is not mentioned, it means that EXR was not yet tested on this rowing machine and that it might not be supported. The list of compatible rowing machines will be extended, so please stay tuned via the newsletter or EXR’s social media for updates.