Support FAQ

  • EXR doesn’t work!
    • This can have several causes. First of all check if your Concept2 PM has the latest firmware, and if your PC or laptop is up to date with the latest software. For more information you can check our installation guide. You can also check our FAQ page to see if the problem already has a solution. If the problem persists you can contact us directly via the contact form.


  • I cannot connect my ergometer to EXR!
    • While in the “Connected Devices” menu of EXR, pull out the USB cable and plug it back in after a few seconds. If this does not work, we recommend to start the program “Concept2 Utility”. As soon as it is started, check if your ergometer is indicated under “Connected Devices” in the top right corner. If this is not the case, unplug the USB cable again, and plug it in again after a few seconds. As soon as your ergometer is indicated as connected, close the Concept2 Utility program. After this you can press the “Search” button again in EXR. If you keep having problems connecting, you can always contact us directly via the contact form.