I applied for beta testing. What now?

EXR is currently in a closed beta state. This means that everyone can apply but this will not guarantee instant access. Once you have applied you will have a chance to be selected for the beta with each new update. The chance of getting approved will depend on the information you gave with your application as well as luck!

Why do we do this?

We limit the amount of people in the beta because we ask them to provide us with feedback. This way we don’t get flooded with bug reports and requests, while still collecting important feedback and implementing it.

So how do I increase my chances of being selected?

Once you have created your account, go to your profile page on the website, and fill in your information. This proves to us that you are committed to joining the community with sincerity. When applying for the beta, fill in the form truthfully. We also expect you to give us feedback after playing, so we can keep improving.

Best of luck!