Installation Guide

EXR currently runs on Windows, Android and iOS devices connected with one of the following rowing machines. Below are step by step guides on how to set up your hardware so you can start exercising. In case you are having trouble, please consult our support FAQ.


Windows 10 device

Start by updating your Windows 10 device so it has the latest updates and drivers. You can do this by opening the Windows search. Do this pressing the windows key on the bottom left of your keyboard, or by clicking the windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. Then type “Windows Update” and select Windows Update from the list. Click “Check for updates” and install said updates if they are present.

See for more information on updating your Windows 10 device.


Graphics card

Next up, we will update the graphics card to the latest drivers. First you must check which graphics card you have in your device. To do this, open the task manager by either opening the windows search again, or right click on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen and select Task Manager. Once you have the task manager open, click on the “Performance” tab. Then click on the GPU section. Many devices have 2 GPU’s inside them, an integrated graphics module (usually Intel or AMD), and an extra powerful dedicated graphics card (usually Nvidia or AMD). If your device has 2 GPU’s, you will see 2 GPU tabs. You can see the name of the GPU in the top right corner of your screen. It is best if you focus on the more powerful dedicated GPU if you have one.

See for more information on checking your graphics card information.

Once you know what graphics card you have, it is time to download and install the latest drivers. Here are some of the most popular manufacturers:

If you do not immediately find your driver, google the name of your graphics card along with the word “driver”, and you should be able to find it.

Lastly, make sure EXR is using your most powerful GPU if you have multiple. Note that this step is not necessary if you only have an integrated GPU. Windows should select your most powerful GPU as default, but the easiest way to ensure this is to plug in your laptop before starting EXR, and setting the power profile to performance. This power profile can be found when right clicking on the battery icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. If this does not work, google the brand of your card (Nvidia or AMD) and add “gpu set as default”. This will give you the most recent results on how to achieve this, as we do not control the way AMD or Nvidia program their processes.


Concept2 PM

To update your PM to the latest driver, you must download and install the Concept2 Utility tool. You can find this tool and information on how to update your firmware on the Concept2 website here: The easiest way to do this is to connect your device with the PM through a USB cable and follow the steps on the Concept2 website. The USB cable needed for this is a “USB A to USB B” cable, which is more commonly known as a printer cable. Please note that your device may have a USB C port instead of a USB B port. To play EXR, you must connect your windows 10 device with your PM through this cable at all times.