General FAQ

  • What is EXR?
    • EXR is an exergame (exercise game) in which the player can row around in a virtual world by using an ergometer in his living room or rowing club. With each stroke of the ergometer, his character in the game moves forward and the player can enjoy the surroundings. Furthermore, extensive real-time feedback is given during rowing, and the player receives a detailed report after each rowing session.



  • Is EXR fun?
    • EXR makes rowing on an ergometer fun by adding beautiful virtual environments and different game modes. You can row freely in Just Row mode, create your own training schedules and follow them in real time in Training mode, race in Competition mode, play minigames in Minigame mode and so much more! Everything is supported by an extensive real-time UI with detailed reporting after each rowing session. Finally, you can view and admire all your data such as meters rowed and calories burned in your player profile.