This is a rough estimate of when you can expect some of EXR’s major new features! Please note that this timeline can change, features are not limited to the ones below!

  • EXR Release!

    The beta will close and EXR will be available for everyone!

    Q3 2021
  • Competition Mode

    Get your race on and compete against other players from all over the world!

  • MMO

    EXR goes massive with online multiplayer! Join players from anywhere in their rowing session! Row with or against each other.

  • Events

    Participate in global events and get rewarded!


  • New Competitions

    Participate in new competitions, based on your favorite real world races!


  • New Maps, games and More!

    EXR will be updated constantly with new features for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for more.



Other features will be released over time as well.